Will setting up a contact centre strengthen the bottom line of my business? Select the right service. Whether your business is big or small, finding the right contact centre services company is key. ConSol has taken all these factors into consideration in developing a tailor-made approach that easily supports businesses irrespective of size or target audience.

ConSol is your one stop contact centre shop that aims to save you a lot of money. Because of the advancement in the Internet, it is now possible for us to support your companies whether outside (offshore) or inside (onshore) our country of operation. Our clients have been seen to now support their customer base more efficiently since partnering with ConSol for the provision of this key component of their business.

The professionalism employed in hiring our Contact Centre Agents goes a long way in justifying the quality of our output. Our global standards make our contact centre services the preferred choice for businesses.

Contact/Call Centre Services offers the following:

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